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My Story

"Well done Elene Marsden. Great promotion for recycled fabrics" 

Amelia Hoskins

 "Elene, you're amazing!! We found your videos really original and sparkly...."

 Roberta & Michela Girasole

 "Great show! I liked the slinky black vest"

L.K. Gardner

"That pewter dye has worked wonders with the white top"

- Soo Smart

I've always loved second hand clothes and the feeling of excitement when you find a designer label bargain. At the start of 2015, I bought a lovely pair of boots from the Sue Ryder charity shop in Ipswich.

By the time I'd got home, I'd decided to broadcast a live Google Hangout show all about the purple boots I'd purchased that day.

BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live sent a reporter to find out more about my Preloved Chica shows. Here's the interview

I've also been asked to speak on local radio about tips for buying secondhand clothes.

But what really floats my boat is inviting others to join my show to talk about their purchases and their advice for preloved clothing fashion.

Quirky fashion purchases, useful shopping tips, upcycling advice, I'd love to hear from you.